GameDay Release Notes: December 2023

By Published On: December 21, 2023Categories: GameDay, GameDay Release Notes

Major Releases:

Request Payment for Unpaid Orders

GameDay administrators can now send automatic Payment Requests for any Unpaid orders, prompting the original registrant who processed the order to quickly and easily pay the transaction online – Learn More

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Registrants who reach the payment processing page on any GameDay Membership or Event form and do not complete a successful payment will receive two automated notifications – first notification 1 hour after order creation and (if payment has not been made) a second and final notification 72 hours after order creation, prompting them to complete their payment

Membership Payment Campaigns

GameDay administrators can now send invoice emails in bulk to members who need to renew their membership, including a link that directs users straight to a payment link without requiring them to complete another registration form each season – Learn More


  • ‘Confirmation Email’ field added to the account sign-up page
  • Additional validation on registration forms for Promo Code entry
  • Updates to Registration Success Message content for team and participant events
  • Confirmation email and payment receipt are now available on member records in the admin portal
  • Other minor functionality changes

Resolved Issues:

  • Issues using the ‘Pay Order’ feature through the admin portal have been fixed
  • Issues exporting data from GameDay admin portal have been fixed
  • Other minor bug fixes and small enhancements

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