Product Update: Enhancements to Payments Functionality

By Published On: February 28, 2024Categories: GameDay, Passport, Product Announcement

GameDay is planning a number of updates to the payments functionality available across GameDay’s products.

These will look to enhance the existing features while keeping our transaction rates stable in light of rising costs across the economy. Many of these updates have been some of the most frequently requested features, and we’re delighted to be bringing these to market over the coming months to support our customers to process and accept payments in more flexible ways.

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Streamlined Onboarding and KYC Checks

We are investing in new technology to improve the onboarding experience for customers and introduce additional security measures as part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) checks to ensure funds are securely settled to an organisations nominated bank account.

This may require some existing customers to complete the KYC onboarding process, however GameDay will be in contact with customers that will be required to do so.


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Improved Financial Reporting & Tax Capability

As part of these updates, we will be providing improved financial reporting for payouts and settlements and continue to support weekly settlements for all customers across all currencies.

GameDay will look to further support the ability to record specific sales tax portions against products to support organisations that wish to display a breakdown of this information to its customers.

For Passport, we will look to support batch reporting for settlements to improve settlement reporting which will replicate the settlement reports available in GameDay Membership & Events and we’re also making minor updates to some terminology related to payment receipts and payment summaries to improve the experience for your members and participants.


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Subscription & Instalment Payments

Some enhancements that will be part of future releases will include support for:

  • Subscription-based Memberships to allow members to pay on a rolling monthly or annual subscription
  • Instalment payments to support incremental payment of an order spread over multiple payments for a set period of time (ie monthly instalments over 6 months)


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Refunds Functionality in GameDay Passport

GameDay will be looking to improve the refund process for customers on GameDay Passport. This will look to replicate the refund functionality on GameDay Membership & Events and will support the ability for an organisation to process refunds for transactions directly to members and participants from Passport including the ability for full or partial refunds.


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Wallet Payments + Other Payment Options

GameDay is continually evaluating various payment options including wallet payment, buy-now-pay-later, additional card types, bank transfers & direct debit across various markets our customers are in. As part of this review, PayPal was phased out in the UK & EMEA market in late 2023 and is planned to be phased out for APAC customers during 2024.


Payment options via Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay & Google Pay across all currencies will remain available as the standardised options. GameDay will provide further updates when any updates to payment options are confirmed.

We’re very excited to launch these new features over the coming months through early 2024 and look forward to supporting your organisation to grow your membership and events throughout 2024.


If you have any queries about these changes, please contact our customer success team via

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