GameDay Release Notes: August 2023

By Published On: August 30, 2023Categories: GameDay Release Notes

New features:

  • Membership Form Background Images: Membership Form Display Templates now allow a custom background image to be added (see image below) – Learn More
  • Unique Membership Form Display Templates: Individual Membership Forms can now have unique Form Display Templates applied – Learn More
  • Unique Event Display Templates: Individual Events can now have unique Event Display Templates applied – Learn More


Functionality changes:

  • New Product and Order trend widget has been added to the Organisation Dashboard (see image below right)
  • Exports are now queued in the Notifications widget in the top toolbar
  • Administrators can now apply the option of allowing a product to be purchased multiple times or just once
  • Each member’s Account Email now appears on their member record
  • Date format on exports has been updated to DD/MM/YYYY
  • Added new menu icons to account menu UI (see image below left)
  • Other minor functionality changes











Resolved issues:

  • Resolved issue of Member List not appearing correctly when navigating back up from a lower hierarchy level
  • Resolved issue of forms not being removed from Shared Forms list when used
  • Resolved issue of Discounts being duplicated when saved
  • Other minor bug fixes and small enhancements

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