GameDay’s 2022 Year in Review

By Published On: December 21, 2022Categories: In Focus, Latest News
GameDay Community,
As we close in on the end of another year it gives me great joy knowing that we play a small part in ensuring sport is possible. After the events of the past couple of years it was pleasing both personally and professionally to see seasons completed almost without any interruptions and teams and clubs rewarded for their commitment and dedication.
Like sporting teams GameDay is forever striving to improve, and we must continue to challenge ourselves to ensure we deliver the necessary requirements for our partners.

Year in review

This year was a very transitional year for GameDay across staffing, product, partnerships and clients.
Firstly, I was honoured to be offered the role of managing director and I’m really looking forward to the challenge of ensuring the GameDay platforms remain relevant and deliver the necessary product set required for grassroots sporting organisations.
During 2022, GameDay successfully launched major feature updates to our membership and event offering allowing organisations to create promo codes, discounts and add-on products within the registration process. We also launched an innovative integration with Mailchimp and finalised the user interface (UI) refresh to our market-leading Competition Management product, GameDay Passport.
GameDay also completed a number of back-end infrastructure updates in preparation for a significant update to our business intelligence (BI) platform GameDay View.
From 2023, organisations with access to GameDay View will have access to product-embedded dashboards which will give them analysis  on their key metrics in real time, and towards the end of 2023 the ability to customise these dashboards to suit their specific requirements.


To ensure we meet the needs of our customers, we have gone even further this year with our C2C (concept to customer) programme to fully involve our partners within the development cycle.
An exciting project to come from the C2C program is the focus on delivering a paperless matchday experience, which will initially be launched during 2023 and continue to be iterated on as we work with our customers to ensure the product meets the needs of our volunteer administrators, a feature which I’m personally excited to use in club land!

Growth of the business

The global landscape for sport is changing, with participants having more choice than ever to meet their sporting requirements.
This has meant that organisations across the entire sports hierarchy are now running competitions very differently to what they’ve done previously, and this is where sports tech platforms like GameDay need to play their part.
Moving forward, GameDay will be providing significantly more functionality to all of the different levels within the sport hierarchy. Participants and fans will have more intuitive websites and apps to navigate their needs when digesting content from their teams and clubs. Teams and clubs will have additional features allowing them to communicate more effectively to their members, and more options to enter results and post-game paperwork requirements.
Leagues and Associations will also have better tools to communicate to members and more automation when scheduling games and analysing key performance metrics, and state and national sporting bodies will have real time visibility to participation numbers and key metrics which currently take weeks and months to gather.

Plans for 2023

Greater functionality and support are the focus for GameDay in 2023 and we will be investing heavily in product automation and support automation. We know the majority of our users are volunteers and we know you need tools that reduce the burden, not add to it. That’s why we are already working on in-product support across all of our platforms and aim to have the first iteration of this live in early 2023.
The GameDay team is also working on a number of product updates which will assist with allowing users to perform tasks which currently require in-house assistance.
These updates will put the power directly back in our users hands and allow you to make the necessary updates without the need to reach out to a GameDay representative.
From a features perspective, some of the new updates going live in 2023 will be a major refresh to our fixtures and results pages, launching paperless match sheets, expanding our business intelligence platform GameDay View and providing a full integration between GameDay and Stack Team App.

Thank you

Lastly, I would like to thank all of our wonderful users. It’s because of you that we get to work in such an exciting industry. Your feedback is always valued as it allows us to improve the great service we provide.
The GameDay team is really excited for the challenges ahead and we can’t wait to bring some of the exciting updates we have been working on to you next year.
Have a safe and happy holiday period, and all the best for 2023.
Rob Fletcher
GameDay Managing Director

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