GameDay and Stack Team App to join forces

By Published On: August 19, 2022Categories: Product Announcement

GameDay and Stack Team App are joining forces under the umbrella of Stack Sports to bring our products closer together via a phased release plan over the coming months, to eventually provide a fully integrated product offering.

As part of the first phase of release, GameDay Passport users will be able to export a number of reports that will be able to be manually imported directly into Stack Team App. This will comprise of the following:

  • Youth Member Import – will assist with importing youth members directly into your Stack Team App account. It will export youth member data in a format that you can use to import youth members with parent/guardian details

  • Member Import – will assist with importing members directly into your Stack Team App account. It will export member data in a format that you can use to import standalone members

  • Fixture Import – will assist you with importing fixtures in bulk directly into your Stack Team App account. It will export fixture data in a format that you can use to import schedules in bulk

GameDay is also planning to build similar import reports in the GameDay Membership & Events platform as part of the next phase.

The overall plan is to ensure a seamless integration between GameDay & Stack Team App from early 2023, allowing for members, teams, fixtures & events to sync directly to a Stack Team App account which can be initiated via GameDay Marketplace for any organisations using either GameDay or Passport.

This integration will support a number of organisations worldwide that currently utilise both GameDay for their Membership, Event or Competition Management and Stack Team App for their day-to-day operations and communications.

Rob Fletcher, Stack Team App VP, said: “I’m excited about the opportunities that will come for our user base from this integration. Although we’ve provided ways for organisations to centralise data into Stack Team App for years, enhancing the setup of this with GameDay will only continue to save more time for our administrators and evolve the user experience.”

Mark Pititto, GameDay senior product manager, said: “We’re excited to work closely with Stack Team App and Stack Sports to align our product offering, which will benefit a large number of customers that use both solutions to run their club, team or event. This further supports our vision to build a genuine marketplace for our customers where they can connect their products with GameDay to provide a complete end-to-end solution.”

The first phase of this implementation has recently rolled out to all customers on GameDay Passport, with GameDay Membership & Events soon to follow.

Once the product integration has been built and released it will be made available to all customers via GameDay Marketplace.

About GameDay

GameDay, part of the Stack Sports family, have been providing next generation sports management technology solutions in the Australian market since 2001 and have extended their key markets to include the United Kingdom, Europe and New Zealand. GameDay provides a range of solutions including membership management, competition and tournament management, event/ticketing platforms and various digital websites, e- commerce, and online auction fundraising solutions. GameDay works with a wide variety of organisations including grassroots sporting clubs/associations, professional clubs/teams, national governing bodies, event providers along with charities and foundations.

More information on GameDay’s customers and the GameDay product suite can be found by visiting

Key Contact Details:

Mark Pititto
Senior Product Manager

About Stack Team App

Stack Team App is an Australian-based smartphone app trusted by more than seven million members and over 250,000 sporting clubs, teams, leagues and social groups in 150+ countries across the globe.

Stack Team App has helped transform the way coaches, team managers and volunteers are able to communicate and engage with their members. Choosing from a huge range of features, a fully customised app with a dynamically updating website can be created for free in less than 10 minutes.

Located in one of the world’s great sporting cities of Melbourne, Australia, Stack Team App started with a passion to support local community sporting clubs and help them prosper in a technological world.

To learn more about how Stack Team App can help your team, go to or download Stack Team App from the App Store or Google Play.

Key Contact Details:

Rob Fletcher
VP of Stack Team App

About Stack Sports

With nearly 50 million users in 35 countries, Stack Sports is a global technology leader in SaaS platform offerings for the sports industry.

The company provides world-class software and services to support national governing bodies, youth sports associations, leagues, clubs, parents, coaches, and athletes. Some of the largest and most prominent sports organizations including the U.S. Soccer Federation, Little League Baseball and Softball, and Pop Warner Little Scholars rely on Stack Sports technology to run and manage their organizations.

Stack Sports is headquartered in Dallas and is leading the industry one team at a time focusing on four key pillars — Grassroots Engagement, Participation Growth, Recruiting Pathways, and Elite Player Development. To learn more about how Stack Sports is transforming the sports experience, please visit

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