Focus Group Confidentiality Agreement

I acknowledge my involvement in this focus group means I may receive information which may include Confidential Information of Stack Sports; in consideration of which I give this undertaking:

Confidential Information

Confidential Information covered by my undertaking includes anything marked by Stack Sports as “Confidential” as well as any information in any form which is introduced or created as a result of any focus group and which by its nature is secret and commercial-in-confidence. However, my undertaking does not extend to information already in, or which subsequently enters, the public domain, or which is separately derived by anyone, other than by breach by me of this undertaking; and my undertaking does not apply to situations where I am compelled by law to reveal such Confidential Information.

Confidentiality Provisions

I undertake to receive, use and apply Confidential Information (i) only for the purposes of this focus group for which it has been provided, (ii) not to share or distribute it to any party, unless that party has also given this undertaking, (iii) not to copy, reproduce, store, distribute or reverse engineer it, and (iv) to return or destroy it on request by Stack Sports.

No Ownership or Commercial Interest

I also undertake and acknowledge that (i) all Confidential Information is and shall remain the property of Stack Sports, (ii) that no sharing, use or adaptation of the Confidential Information grants me any express or implied rights, ownership or license under any contract or law, (iii) that this undertaking does not create any joint venture, joint development, partnership, franchise, employment or legal relationship, or power or authority to bind another party of any kind.

Unauthorised Disclosure

Upon discovery of any unauthorised possession, use or knowledge of the Confidential Information, I undertake that I will immediately notify Stack Sports, and will cooperate with Stack Sports to regain possession or prevent further unauthorised use of, the Confidential Information.

Jurisdiction and Authorisation

This undertaking is given subject to the laws of the State of Victoria (Australia), is complete, and supersedes all prior representation or understandings of any kind.

Last updated: 02 August 2023