Passport Release Notes: May 2023

By Published On: May 30, 2023Categories: Passport, Passport Release Notes

Major releases:

QR Code Functionality: Each Registration Form in Passport can now be downloaded as a QR Code which opens the Registration Form URL when scanned – Help Doc
In-Platform Help Guides (BETA): Passport now includes self-service help guides (currently in BETA testing phase) which can be accessed for the following features under the Registrations menu:
  • Payment Configuration
  • Products
  • Promo Codes
  • Registration Forms

These can be accessed by clicking the Help (BETA) button at the top of the page:


  • Minor UI update to Passport Website Match Centre
  • Minor UI update to Passport Websites Team Home page
  • Minor UI update to Passport Websites Player Profile page
  • Other minor functionality changes


  • Issue where payment could not be processed if a Promo Code was used and the balance was $0 has been fixed.
  • Issue where custom fields were displaying incorrectly on member records has been fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes and small enhancements

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