GameDay Marketplace Spotlight: GamePlan

By Published On: April 25, 2022Categories: GameDay Marketplace

We are proud to be shining a spotlight on some of the organisations and products that form part of our GameDay Marketplace. 

GameDay Marketplace provides users with a one-stop shop to find out about all of GameDay’s products, including any available integrations, along with partner products and feature products as part of the wider GameDay ecosystem.

This week, we will learn more about GamePlan.

Who are GamePlan?

GamePlan is a mobile team management application specialising in the distribution of videos and documents.

With GamePlan, you can manage video and playbooks for your players and help them prepare off the field before your next match. It is used and trusted by NFL, AFL, NRL, NBA teams, grassroots organisations, colleges and universities.

Athletes are more mobile than they have ever been. Without great technology to engage them while they are on the road or out of the facilities, they lose an opportunity to get better. That’s where GamePlan comes in!

GamePlan helps teams connect faster, get feedback at the touch of a button and better prepare when they are on the go.

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