Product Announcement: Upcoming GameDay Features

By Published On: May 11, 2021Categories: GameDay, Product Announcement
As part of the continual evolvement of GameDay, we’re excited to let you know about some exciting new features that are being planned for release over the coming months.
Following on from the UI/UX update to GameDay, plus other features rolled out during April 2021, our next set of features will focus on both membership & events with a view to evolve GameDay events to support mass-participation and sport-specific events.
Below is a list of the planned feature enhancements:

Address enhancements:

  • Address Validation using Google Map functionality wherever physical/mailing address is captured for:
    • Members
    • Event Participants
    • Organisations
  • Adding Address Line 2 when capturing physical/mailing address
    • Address Line 2 to be incorporated into relevant reports & dashboards

ID Management:

  • ID management for Members, Organisation and Events
    • Ability to set-up a ID rules by setting a prefix, number & suffix
    • Ability to manually assign IDs
    • Ability to bulk assign IDs
    • ID rules can be set at each level of the hierarchy
    • IDs to be incorporated into relevant reports, lists & dashboards
  • ID management for Event Participants
    • Commonly known as Bib Number management
    • Ability to set-up a ID rules by setting a prefix, number & suffix for each event
    • Event Participant IDs to be incorporated into relevant reports, lists & dashboards

Event entry:

  • Ability to set-up an event for event entry (as opposed to a ticketed event)
  • Event entry events to incorporate the below features as part of event set-up:
    • ID management for Event Participants
    • Promo Codes (Pin Management)
    • Other event entry-related requirements to support mass participation and sport-specific events
  • Sub-Events
    • ability to create Sub Events as part of a single Event
    • ability for members to register to a Sub-Event Product
    • ability to report / view members by Sub-Event
  • Team registration for team-based events
  • Member to team allocation for team-based events


Conditional questions (Product-based):

  • Display a specific question(s) based on the selection of a Product
    • This will be in addition to existing question display rules based on Member Type, Gender & DOB / Age range


Add-on products:

  • Add-on Products will allow organisations to sell non “member” products such as physical goods or non-physical goods
  • This will facilitate purchase of add-on products within the existing membership & event registration flow
  • Ability to report / manage add-on product purchases
  • Ability to also set-up a registration form for add-on products only
    • Add-on products could be used to sell uniforms, event packs, merchandise items or even collect donations


Promo codes & discounts:

Promo Codes functionality

  • Commonly known as Pin Management
  • Ability to set-up Promo Codes for Membership & Event Participants
  • Ability to set-up Promo Codes for Charity Partners
  • Ability to track & report on Promo Codes
  • Discounts functionality
    • Ability to set-up discount rules related single or multiple products
    • Ability to configure rules to allow for family-related discounts
    • Ability to set time-sensitive discounts (ie early-bird discounts or sale-type discounts
    • Ability to set-up discounts based on percentage or specific value


These new features will progressively be rolled out from May 2021 throughout the rest of 2021, so keep a look out for more updates as we get closer to release!

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