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By Published On: April 1, 2021Categories: Case Study, In Focus


Established over a decade ago, School Sport Victoria (SSV) have been working with GameDay to develop their membership and events capabilities.


With a team of around 16 people, the organisation works with over 2,500 primary and secondary schools across the Australian state, covering a number of individual and team sports.


Ian Landy, National Programmes Manager, has been part of SSV for 15 years, working across different areas of the business.


Now, his main duties include selecting and offering gifted students the opportunity to try out for, and represent, the state of Victoria (Team Vic) in national competition.


We caught up with him to discuss the challenges faced by SSV, and their experiences using the GameDay system.

“The challenge [for us] is managing those 2,500 schools and 10,000 school sports events across the year,” he said. “We actually offer an estimated 650,000 participation opportunities each year, so the market for school sport is absolutely enormous for us.

“One of our biggest challenges going into the next few years is about engaging students who don’t participate in school sports.


“[We need to] manage expectations for our parents and students and schools. They’re so eager to get back involved in these programmes that they’ve absolutely overwhelmed us with their desire to be engaged.


“We had a great opportunity to develop a product that actually meets some of the key, critical needs that we have.


“The [GameDay] staff’s support has been super helpful. We have had some challenges in terms of the delivering of the new platform, but that was to be expected – there are always teething problems.


“We’ve been able to reach out when we’ve had urgent needs, and reach out when we’ve had questions or queries. We’ve been able to set up meetings and what I can say is that the feedback provided has resulted in really positive action.


“By and large, the things that we have talked about and asked for have been accepted for further development. That to me shows signs of an organisation prepared to listen to its customers.


“I’m a new user to the GameDay platform and I find it really easy to use. Functionality is building as we explore more features, and I think that the platform for us is going to be an extremely fantastic product for the audience that we have.


“Over the past eight weeks, we’ve managed to sign up 4,000 kids. [The platform] has continued to surprise us with what it’s capable of.”



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