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Classic & OST Release Notes: September 2020

Our September releases focused on the following; New Features & Improvements: 🆕      Classic Upgrade to servers, now hosting in house via Amazon Web Services Other general system and security enhancements      OST General system and security enhancements Fixes: 👏      Classic Invalid Active Kids Voucher error message Event confirmation emails not being received Broken images displaying on event forms & emails Minor bug fixes and resolving support requests      OST Minor bug fixes and resolving support requests

Passport Release Notes: September 2020

Our September releases are related to the following: New features: Module Completion report - a new report that allows organisations within programs to report on members who have completed what modules in what programs. Sport specific new reports. Product items - organisations now have the ability to make product items attached to a product active/inactive: (insert support doc) Quick results entry created for Netball organisations. Live scoring created for netball organisations- was only available for AFL and soccer in the past. Functionality changes: Reporting changes - allowing a multi select on certain fields within reports. Organisation specific team sheet changes. Update to our password privacy policy - when creating passwords for passport it now lists what passwords need to include to ensure they remain as private and secure as possible. Awards- creating awards is now more streamlined where associations can select a whole season or a specific competition within a season to apply

GameDay Release Notes: September 2020

New Features Minimum Product Selection + Product Grouping - click here for more details Clone Product - ability to clone a Product Currency Capability in GameDay now extends to US Dollars (USD) + Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)