Passport Release Notes: September 2020

By Published On: September 30, 2020Categories: Passport
Our September releases are related to the following:

New features:

  • Module Completion report – a new report that allows organisations within programs to report on members who have completed what modules in what programs.
  • Sport specific new reports.
  • Product items – organisations now have the ability to make product items attached to a product active/inactive: (insert support doc)
  • Quick results entry created for Netball organisations.
  • Live scoring created for netball organisations- was only available for AFL and soccer in the past.

Functionality changes:

  • Reporting changes – allowing a multi select on certain fields within reports.
  • Organisation specific team sheet changes.
  • Update to our password privacy policy – when creating passwords for passport it now lists what passwords need to include to ensure they remain as private and secure as possible.
  • Awards- creating awards is now more streamlined where associations can select a whole season or a specific competition within a season to apply to an award.
  • Terminology changes for specific sports in relation to statistics templates.
  • Payment application changes for specific sports.

Resolved issues:

  • Conditional fields were removing data entered when displaying/hiding these fields – data now remains if inputted regardless of when these conditional fields are hidden/displayed.
  • HMTL code now displaying correctly on payment received emails.
  • When clicking the ”squad/roster” button on a team home page on our websites this is no longer returning an error and now displays players assigned to the team correctly.

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