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GameDay Release Notes: 2018

Release Notes: 12 December 2018 With Christmas closing in quickly, our focus was on tidying up sport specific issues and releasing sport specific features and general behind the scenes clean up. BAU Change wording of payment options when creating a Product.  The options are now:  Payment Gateway Only  and  Payment Gateway or Manually set Product as Paid Release Notes: 28 November 2018 With Migration/Upgrades being the focal point, the team honed in on providing prompt response/support to our existing clients that are coming onto the GameDay Platform from our legacy platforms in order to ensure a smooth transition. Resolved issues: Inconsistencies with member records were resolved GameDay Clubs are being charged for state and national refunds on their settlements.   This has been resolved. Member is showing as Financial without purchasing a product. Ability for State Administrator to Access Club's Shared Down Registration Forms Release Notes: 8 November 2018 Introduced Bundle Discou