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Product Announcement: Passport Website Refresh

GameDay is excited to announce that we are in the process of revamping our GameDay Passport Websites that are primarily used to display competition-related data, fixtures, results, tables/ladders and competition statistics. Our website network continues to serve millions of visitors each and every month and is still one of the largest grassroots sporting networks of sites in our traditional markets of Australia and New Zealand and growing in new regions across Asia-pacific, North America, Europe and the United Kingdom & Ireland. The investment we are making in our products and services shows our commitment to our long-standing customers who rely on GameDay for their core Membership & Competition Management solutions and to ensure we stay ahead of the game and continue to attract new and exciting partners to use our digital solutions throughout the world. As part of this change, we are streamlining the designs of the Passport Website network which will impact some customers util

Product Update: GameDay View 2.0

As part of our continued evolution of the GameDay View product, a new version of GameDay View has recently been released. In late 2022, we soft-launched a more streamlined user experience for customers using GameDay View to be able to access the innovative Business Intelligence & Insights tool directly from their GameDay or Passport account. We have also made significant updates to the underlying technology supporting GameDay View and are confident these upgrades will provide:  an even better user experience for GameDay View users  increased speed of the dashboards additional filtering options for your data & insights providing maximum flexibility ability to scale the product for more and more users as usage continues to grow Following a successful trial period, we are excited to announce that we are proceeding with a transition to an embedded version of GameDay View which will be extended to all customers in the coming months to be able to access as part of a subscription bas

GameDay Marketplace Spotlight: Pickstar

We are proud to be shining a spotlight on some of the organisations and products that form part of our GameDay Marketplace.  GameDay Marketplace provides users with a one-stop shop to find out about all of GameDay's products, including any available integrations, along with partner products and feature products as part of the wider GameDay ecosystem. This week, we will learn more about Pickstar ... What is Pickstar? Book stars for in-person events, social media campaigns, ambassadorships & more with Pickstar ! Pickstar is an online marketplace connecting athletes and celebrities to fans, clubs and organisations. With more than 2,000 stars on the marketplace as well as access to thousands more, it’s the fastest, easiest way to match with stars for appearances, skills clinics, video messages and more. Pickstar currently operates in Australia & United Kingdom. To view our full range of partners and services, visit the GameDay Marketplace !