GameDay Release Notes: January 2022

By Published On: January 25, 2022Categories: GameDay Release Notes

January 2022 releases are outlined below – our first release of the year!:

New Features:

Rokt Product Integration for Events & Membership – More Info

released on GameDay Event Registration forms
allows for future release of Rokt on GameDay Membership forms and other modules in the GameDay product suite
“New” feature icon added to GameDay user interface highlighting recently released features
“BETA” feature icon added to GameDay user interface highlighting features released for beta testing

Functionality changes:

Home Address & Postal Address returned on registration forms where this data is already saved
Update Payment Summary/Invoice terminology to “Payment Receipt” throughout GameDay
Question Display Rule able to be set dependant to an add-on product
Removed the Paypal payment option when paying for an unpaid order in GameDay admin
Ability to View a larger image of the Add-on Product Image on registration form
UI updates for registration success email for Membership & Events
Scheduled system maintenance to upgrade the GameDay hosting environment to the latest version (24 January)

Resolved issues:

GameDay admin login screen display issues on mobile device
‘Allow only one Member Type’ checkbox now reflected at lower levels if set higher in the hierarchy
Fixed the manual add registration wizard via GameDay admin
Fix applied to a Product with online payment gateway only setting so it cannot use the manual “mark as paid” option
Emails going to all member rather than a specific selected Member Type in the Members by Member Type list
Exclude Add-On Products from events & memberships tab in Member Detail page

Update button text when adding existing Add-on Products for Event / Event Template
Update payment deducted from settlement amount on Settlement Tax Invoice to reflect the correct value
Remove permission-related messaging when loading Event edit screen
Other bug fixes and small enhancements

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