Meet the Team: Q&A with GameDay’s Director of Strategy

By Published On: May 10, 2021Categories: GameDay

Recently, GameDay Director of Strategy Greg Sturge sat down with the Sportageous Podcast to deep dive into the organisation’s hopes, ambitions and challenges.

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Tell us a little bit about GameDay

We’re the market leaders delivering sports technology across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets. That means we’re delivering all the functions that you need to administer and deliver sport in an effective way.

We work across a real breadth of the sporting sector – everything from international and national governing bodies right down to grassroots clubs, and everything from professional teams to charitable foundations to major event organisations to local league. It’s really all-encompassing and our solutions are all tailored to each of those tiers.

What does GameDay specialise in?

In the sporting sector, [we have]… membership management, competition and lead management, events and ticketing and then we also have digital sporting club websites and an eCommerce and auction platform as well. Really [we’re] looking to create the spine of a sport and give them all the tools they need to administer really effectively.

We’re also really focused on integrating advanced API into everything we do so that we can link in with other relevant sporting technologies to deliver a whole sports experience. We know what we do very well, and we use that to then build [products] that work for all sports.

Who do you work with?

We’re really well established in Australia and New Zealand, working with the likes of Basketball Australia/NZ. We work with all 18 AFL clubs and Football Federation Australia too.

We’ve also started looking into Asia, so we’re currently working with Hong Kong Rugby Union. In Europe, we’re working with the International Basketball Federation and the Rugby Football League (RFL). [It’s a] really eclectic mix, and I guess that’s just a selection of those at the top end. But like I say, we go right down to local and grassroots clubs as well.

The organisation have recently rebranded from SportsTG [to GameDay]. What was the thinking behind this?

Ultimately, SportsTG as it was [had] evolved over about 15 years down in the Australian markets. And as is often the nature of the tech sphere, we had incorporated a number of different technologies, which each had their own names or brands. We thought it was time to bring all those brands and all those identities together under one roof and one brand.

Now all [of our operations] sit under GameDay, and it just gave us a really good chance to refresh and renew, particularly as we look to push into those new markets.

What have been the biggest challenges?

It’s [all about] making sure we’re putting the right opportunities in front of the right people. It’s amazing the number of conversations you have where you might start out talking about events, for example, and by the end of it, you’re discussing another platform.

You’re trying to put the information out there in a way that allows a potential partner to explore it fully and understand everything that we do, whilst not overwhelming them with the amount that we can do, and making sure they get what they need out of the platform.

What does GameDay have in store for the future?

It’s all about growth for us. My job as I see it is to really grow us to be a major player in not just the UK, but across Europe. And in time, we want to start looking at the Middle East and Africa as we build more functionality, more language capabilities, those kinds of things.

On the APAC side of the world, very similar, looking at expanding into those Asian markets, up into Hong Kong and places like that.

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