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GameDay Release Notes: March 2021

Our March releases includes some exciting updates and new features outlined below: New Features:     Released 01 Mar 2021: Implementation of new GameDay brand New logo and brand throughout the GameDay product Resolved Issues: General updates & issues resolved

Product Announcement: Innovation Sprint Q1 2021

As part of our  C2C Program , GameDay has introduced a quarterly  Innovation Sprint .  For those that may not be aware, our GameDay product development framework is based on an  agile scrum methodology  where we break down our development tasks into two-week (fortnightly) cycles called "sprints". In late 2020, we introduced the concept of an innovation sprint to be scheduled at the end of each quarter. During the  innovation  sprint,  we aspire to focus our attention on innovative new features, addressing customer requests for major features that we deem to be industry first and trialling new concepts & ideas. Our initial innovation sprint at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2020 resulted in the following feature releases: GameDay Events & GameDay App Integrate QR Code ticketing & QR Code scan capability via GameDay App from GameDay Events Passport Ability to apply custom colours to membership registration forms Create a customer facing external API portal  Configur

Courtside Release Notes: March 2021

iOS App - Version 3.21.2 Android App - Version 3 .21.2 Our release for Courtside in March 2021 includes the following: New features: Launch of new GameDay Courtside brand logo and colours

GameDay App Release Notes: March 2021

iOS 3.21.1 Android 1.9.5 Updates Rollout of new GameDay brand and logo

GameDay is here!

As our Products transform & evolve, so does our business, logo and brand. You'll see our new  GameDay  brand has started to roll-out across our various products & platforms. We're excited by this change and look forward to providing innovative and market-leading product software and solutions to the sports & events industry under our new GameDay brand. You'll also start to see some of our GameDay sub-brand icons and logos (below) throughout our product suite.