Passport Release Notes: July 2020

By Published On: July 31, 2020Categories: Passport
Our July 2020 releases are related to the following:

New features:

  • eCal integration now added to team pages on websites.
  • TidyHQ integration was enabled for all organisations.
  • Organisations now have the ability within the ladder to wipe the for, against, percentage and goal difference values to 0 for matches, so that grading games do not affect the ladder for teams in regular season games.

Functionality changes:

  • Updates to the permissions around club and team admins: associations now need to configure within their competitions the ability for club/teams admins to enter match results.
  • Updates to how images are uploaded via a mobile within a registration form – more efficient.
  • Stadium Scoring no longer supported within the system.
  • Fixture importer now allows you to upload a fixture for bye competitions.
  • Programs are now easily able to be turned on/off for organisations, previously they had to be enabled at a national level.
  • Courtside:¬†organisations have the ability to bulk disable/enable the ability to add players manually via Courtside.

Resolved issues:

  • Image orientation has now been fixed up when uploading an image to a registration form via mobile.
  • Images uploaded via mobile now display correctly on a members profile – previously they were either missing or the wrong way round.
  • eCal sync issues resolved – different timezones were not syncing fixtures correctly.
  • Ads that were overtaking standard websites have now been adjusted.
  • Issues with the ladder cap for margin of victory now correctly adjusts the for and against values for the losing team
  • Other general issues

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