GameDay Release Notes: January 2020

By Published On: January 31, 2020Categories: GameDay, GameDay Release Notes

Our first releases of the year (and the decade!) focused on the following;

New Features:

  • Pending Registration functionality (Major Release) – Click here for more details
  • Validating against creating duplicate admin users at the same organisation with same email
  • Ability to drag a rego form question to outside screen range
  • Displaying dynamic currency code and symbols in invoice emails and settlement tax invoice
  • Implementation of reCaptcha on the login pages of admin portal and registration forms
  • Implemented financial year start month setting to help with Sisense reporting
  • Dynamic currency implementation for bank account, product details and other screens that display financial records
  • Add message on Settlement List page and Settlement Detail
  • Clearance Application History – additional column to display the action of user
  • Ongoing security enhancements
  • Other small general system enhancements

Functionality Changes:

  • Terms & Conditions default to the bottom of the registration form
  • New flow for member account creation with additional validation
  • Improved messaging for users who try to login without a verified email address
  • Add message on Settlement List page and Settlement Detail
  • Update settlement status to “Settled” after the generation of settlement record
  • Prevent admins from being able to add member types to shared forms
  • Validation if organisation has transaction fee configuration when activating a form
  • Disable edit ability under own contact record
  • Validation of product description to contain no more than 255 characters

Resolved Issues:

  • Members status to override Transferred Out status for that organisation
  • Display view payment button for inactive memberships
  • Display of ‘Select All’ checkbox on member list
  • Re-instate Help Icon
  • Resolved issue where last modified date did not update after form was edited
  • Resolved issue related to changing form sharing settings
  • Fix display order of countries in country drop-down to alpha order
  • Some other minor bug fixes and resolving support requests

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