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GameDay Release Notes: October 2019

In the first release following the major update to GameDay earlier this month, this release focused on the following; New Features: API-related enhancements for Sisense reporting Data Security Enhancements Functionality Changes: Redefine the way of entering address Temporarily Hide Image Upload functionality in Rich Text Editor Resolved Issues: Fixed issues around payments caused by soft descriptors having special characters Fixed issues in Sisense related to the error message appearing on dashboard graphs and issue with CSV file downloads Data Integrations to existing Competition Management solutions Data sync for members not synced properly following major update General UI Fixes Some other minor bug fixes and resolving support requests

GameDay Release Notes: 07 October 2019

In this release we have rolled out a major update to GameDay that will impact all users. Based on user feedback, we've made a number of significant updates which we hope will improve your experience using GameDay. As part of this release, all users will be required to reset their password to continue to access GameDay. All users will receive an email from SportsTG to reset their password following the release on Monday, October 7 2019. (Email Subject: We've updated GameDay and need you to reset your password) New Features: New URL to access GameDay: New dashboard & reporting tools - powered by Sisense New-look registration forms & links - existing links will be re-directed to the new link Single log-in account for admins if you have access to multiple organisations - users will be required to reset their password Refunds & Partial Refund capability - new workflow for refunds, partial refund (refunding of individual products) is now suppo