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GameDay Website Release Notes: June 2019

Our June 2019 releases for GameDay Websites related to the following; Club Starter & Pro New Features: Add the entire events calendar pro functionality Design Improvements: Get rid of scroll bar on bronze fixture panel Remove the WP automatic compression to images - prevents logos and sponsor images from being slightly blurry Centre alignment of club logos, increase club logo size, Main menu in own strap Elite New Features: Athlete Database landing page, and athlete profile page iCal export for events calendar pro Included text panel for home page Promotion banner add on Ability to select a second logo size option Expanded sponsor tier function: Ability to create tiers Add 2nd row of tiles on silver homepage and add more padding between rows Alternate news layout (A & B) Boxed layout with countdown timer and news article excerpts like ClubStarter Add Gallery ACF fields and deploy Design Improvements: Improve staff page template add on Centre alignment of club logos, increase cl