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Courtside Release Notes: March 2018

Version 1.7 There were well over 100 changes to elements of the UI to optimize the display or increase responsiveness. We focused on feedback items from the Basketball community with a focus on the high traffic screens.  General Updates Functional update to increase responsiveness of all buttons Fixed a number of crash instances Updates to Game List Screen Changed date picker screen to make it clearer which days had data and which was the current day Updates display of game status and display of upcoming and in progress games Functional Upgrade to allow another game to be started if a previous one has not been confirmed Change default team colour for team 2 to blue Update to Team Selection Player number clashes are now clearer and easier to resolve Allow user to choose which team they wish to enter first before starting game New Icon for Editing Team colour Team Jersey Colour Selection includes the colour pink Updates to Game Actions Screen Moved Manage Players to display next team ico