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Passport Release Notes: April 2023

Major Release: Passport Website Refresh -  More Info  | Help Docs GameDay have released a game-changing update to the GameDay Passport websites that are primarily used to display competition-related data, fixtures, results, tables/ladders and competition statistics We're ecstatic to roll out this update to the millions of monthly active users throughout key global markets that come to GameDay to access their Fixtures, Results, Tables/Ladders & Statistics on any device, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and everything in between! Find your competition by searching for your League, Association or Club Name + GameDay in any search engine! The updates have been released on Wednesday 5th April and rolled out to all users Improvements: Passport website minor enhancements & updates: Season/Comp list has been swapped on Comp List Page All Competitions now list on Comp List Page (instead of just when their day/group is selected) Menu has highlighting of what page you're on Ladder Line rem

GameDay Marketplace Spotlight: ECAL

We are proud to be shining a spotlight on some of the organisations and products that form part of our GameDay Marketplace.  GameDay Marketplace provides users with a one-stop shop to find out about all of GameDay's products, including any available integrations, along with partner products and feature products as part of the wider GameDay ecosystem. This week, we will learn more about ECAL . Who are ECAL? In short - the world’s leading calendar communications, marketing, data and eCommerce platform. GameDay partnered with ECAL to offer users the ability to sync fixtures/matches to personal calendars. The feature has been rolled out throughout the GameDay Passport Competition Management platform. GameDay also works closely with ECAL to provide any online calendar solutions that customers may require. ECAL also integrates with GameDay Events, allowing for online event calendars, syncing of Events to an Organisations ECAL calendar + synchronising of events to personal calendars for

Why Little Athletics NSW took their registrations online

GameDay is proud to have worked successfully with Little Athletics NSW for over a decade. Little Athletics is a uniquely Australian sport for children aged 5-16 years. It is based upon the sport of athletics (track and field), and the events are specially modified to suit the ages and abilities of the children involved. A wide range of running, jumping, throwing and walking events are conducted by the organisation on a regular basis. Centred around their three core principles - family, fun and fitness - approximately 40,000 boys and girls are now able to enjoy the activities that Little Athletics has to offer each year. To meet the growing demand for their services, Little Athletics NSW enlisted the support of GameDay, and we have been successfully working together for a number of years ever since. With approximately 100 individual centres across the New South Wales region, Little Athletics NSW opted to use GameDay to manage their registrations and upcoming events across the region. T

Product Announcement: GameDay Events Enhancements + Team Registrations

GameDay is excited to announce the upcoming release of Team Registrations for GameDay Events, plus a number of other enhancements to be released on  GameDay Events & Ticketing . Team Registrations For "Event Entry" events only Ability to set-up Events to accept Team Registrations Team to Event Registration via Team Manager Ability to invite Participants to register for a Team using a unique Team Code Participant to Team Registrations New Team-based Products Ability to re-register Team to future events Admins can manage Teams via GameDay Events admin portal Team Portal New Team Portal available via Event Landing Page Supports secure Team Manager Login using Single Sign-on Team Manager can manage participants, invite friends to join the team and manage any bulk Team payments Event Landing Page New Design for all Event Landing Pages including Ticketing events New left panel displaying all important Event Details Additional control over Event Templates and colour customisati

Product Announcement: Paperless Match Day Experience

GameDay understands the need to completely digitise the match day experience from end to end. Using existing functionality, GameDay users have long been able to make pre-game player, team staff and match official allocations, record player & team stats and scores and create and manage detailed match day reporting. However there was one pice of the jigsaw that was missing, which related to tracking match day attendance and team sheet sign-off which still meant the printing of team sheets or hand-written team sheets are still a common occurrence in community sport. GameDay is excited to announce that we are investing in QR Code technology to be able to deliver a complete digital experience for player, parents, coaches, team managers and match officials. The first iteration of this will be available in the coming weeks and we'd love to have users trial this feature throughout the 2023 season. How will this work? 3 easy steps to explain how this will work: Member Profile:  Player/P