In Focus: World Freestyle Football Association

Last month, GameDay kicked off an exciting new partnership with the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA). 

As part of joining the GameDay family, the WFFA rolled out our next generation membership and events platform to support their mission to develop and nurture the global structure for freestyle football.

We were delighted to provide the membership and events infrastructure that will be used to assist participants from WFFA-sanctioned events. 

In addition, the WFFA’s overall digital ecosystem has been enhanced by a new, dynamic front-end website, working in conjunction with an event management platform for an array of global events, and tied together by a new core membership system. 

The ability to deliver great looking products that align our branding and functionality across the sport, along with operating multiple currencies and payment methods and with 24/7 global support, mean that we are able to deliver our participants an advanced and smooth journey across our digital ecosystem,” said Dan Wood, CEO of the WFFA.

“The GameDay team is responsive and flexible to help us meet our needs and best service our sport.

“We are looking forward to using unique features such as the QR-code check-in functionality at our events later this year and growing our partnership with them in years to come.”

We could help your organisation provide the best service possible! Whether you’re looking for a website, event management or ticketing solution, reach out to the team today!


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