Passport Release Notes: May 2021

Our May releases include some important updates and new features outlined below:

Functionality changes:
- Teamsheet updates for some associations
- Continued UI changes throughout the system in relation to the rebrand.

Resolved issues:
- ECAL widget display issues
- Gender Identity field display issues
- Fixture importer not allowing blank venues for Bye games
- Issues with Match Day Paperwork App not syncing report data back to Passport for Match Officials
- Schedula: The pre-process reports for some organisations in Schedula were returning with blank information


  1. Please NOTE as at 18/06/2021 7:32 PM South Australian time we are unable to select team officials, therefore cannot print team sheets out for TOMORROW's game. Please fix ASAP so that our games can proceed!

  2. Have tried to call your help desk but it is after hours!


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