Product Announcement: Innovation Sprint Q1 2021

As part of our C2C Program, GameDay has introduced a quarterly Innovation SprintFor those that may not be aware, our GameDay product development framework is based on an agile scrum methodology where we break down our development tasks into two-week (fortnightly) cycles called "sprints".

In late 2020, we introduced the concept of an innovation sprint to be scheduled at the end of each quarter. During the  innovation  sprint,  we aspire to focus our attention on innovative new features, addressing customer requests for major features that we deem to be industry first and trialling new concepts & ideas.

Our initial innovation sprint at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2020 resulted in the following feature releases:
  • GameDay Events & GameDay App
    • Integrate QR Code ticketing & QR Code scan capability via GameDay App from GameDay Events
  • Passport
    • Ability to apply custom colours to membership registration forms
    • Create a customer facing external API portal 
    • Configure live scoring for an additional sport

We are now on the cusp of our next innovation sprint for Q1 2021 where we are planning the following exciting feature releases:
  • GameDay: Gender Identity Capability for Membership & Events - More Info
  • Passport: Gender Identity Capability for Membership & Programs - More Info
  • Classic: integrate GameDay View (powered by Sisense) into Classic Membership & Events admin portal
We're looking forward to releasing these features over the coming weeks and are keen to hear your feedback on any future innovation sprint ideas by emailing us at with the subject heading Innovation Sprint Q2 2021.


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