GameDay Release Notes: January 2019

Our January releases focused on the following;

New Features:

  • Member status/financial status to be triggered when adding rego from admin screen
  • When manually Adding Member Type or Role use default start and end date
  • Member to become Pending Active if Member has at least one membership with a future Effective Date

Resolved Issues:
  • Unable to remove questions from registration forms as this was bringing up an error
  • Member is prompted to pay for a mandatory product they have already purchased such as an association fee
  • Member updates failed to propagate to member profiles
  • Members were incorrectly linked as duplicates
  • Member paid for registration but is not showing as financial
    Products & Forms: 
  • Recognising activation Date/Expiry Date when accessing the registration form
  • Ability to save dependency for products
  • Existing Member unable to proceed through registration form
    Registration form updates:
  • Allow user to update phone number & email address
  • Remove link to Update Member Details
  • Allow user to enter Name, Gender and/or DOB where these fields are blank
  • State and National fees are incorrectly appearing as mandatory at club level (Baseball Only)
  • Recognise gaps between Product End Date & subsequent Product Start Date
  • Expired membership got reactivated for a member when a future membership is activated


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