GameDay Website Release Notes: March 2019

Our March 2019 releases for GameDay Websites related to the following;

Club Starter & Pro

    Design Improvements:
  • Bold main menu headings
  • Hide website name after logo on mobile

    Resolved Issues:
  • Fix Score sizing


    New Features:
  • Make an option for Editors to select zero paddings or 20-pixel padding for the custom content page panel on the home page
  • iCal export for events calendar pro
  • Included text panel for home page
  • Promotion banner add on
  • Ability to select a second logo size option
  • Expanded sponsor tier function: Ability to create tiers
  • Add 2nd row of tiles on silver homepage and add more padding between rows
  • Alternate news layout (A & B) Boxed layout with countdown timer and news article excerpts like ClubStarter

    Design Improvements:
  • Add a horizontal line separator between sponsor tiers
  • Change mobile layout for news slider to match desktop ratio
  • Ability to open up header sponsor link in new tab

    Resolved Issues:
  • Hide team shield on mobile when no teams are loaded into the header
  • Fix sizing / cropping of feature images in articles and pages
  • Change the name of the "Header Sponsor" to something that will not be picked up by Ad Blockers


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