Product Announcement: Refresh to Passport, Membership & Competition Management

It's been a long time coming, however we're working on a brand new look and feel to our market-leading software for our valued customers through Australia, NZ, UK and the rest of the world. 

This will encompass an exciting new experience for users using Passport, Membership, Online Registration forms & Competition Management and all additional modules that are part of the platform including the popular Programs functionality and Websites.

Here are a few things to look forward to as part of this product refresh:
  • Incorporate our new GameDay brand, look and feel
  • Provide users with an improved UX (user experience), fresh new look and improved navigation and UI (user interface)
  • Standardise components, buttons and screens throughout the system
  • New-look Online Registration Forms
  • Mobile Optimisation of passport and the most popular screens
  • Mobile-first Online Results which includes 'Pre-Game', 'At Game' & 'Post Game'
  • Introduction of GameDay Marketplace to connect you with our partner products
  • Direct access to Product Updates & GameDay Community
  • Other related workflow improvements, enhanced layout and feature enhancements
These changes will be rolled out from early 2021 so keep a look out for more updates as we get closer to release.


  1. Will you look at integrating with any accounting software? Xero in particular? At the moment, we duplicate all information in Xero once a player is registered, then send out an invoice from Xero.

    1. We may be looking at integration with some accounting software packages in future. We currently integrate with TidyHQ who have an integration with some software packages which you may be interested in. Find more information here:
      Please also join GameDay Community so you can be part of any future Focus Groups or Product Feedback as part of our C2C Program:

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