Passport Release Notes: 2019

December 2019

Our December releases are related to the following:

New features:
  • Fixture importer updated to cater for pools competitions
Functionality changes:
  • Red/Yellow card one click report can now be exported via email

November 2019

Our November releases are related to the following:

New features:
  • eCal can now be configured for organisations
Functionality changes:
  • Miniroos confirmation email updated
Resolved issues:
  • Non-member forms no longer able to validate/use Active Kids Vouchers

October 2019

Our October releases are related to the following:

New features:
  • New configurations allowing national and state admins to enforce compulsory payments for their clubs and leagues beneath them in their hierarchy.
  • Reporting - A new competitions report allowing comp admins to report on games where the margin of victory is greater than a defined amount to assist in ensuring teams are graded correctly at the start of the season.
Functionality changes:
  • Updates to all forms to prevent users from going back or refreshing their registration session to prevent Active Kids voucher issues and duplicate registrations.
  • Updates to the layout of the registration has made the form easier to navigate when registering existing members/teams.
  • Validation check for Legal First Name and Family Name within registration forms so that information can’t have a space before or after the name.

Resolved issues:
  • Minor customer issues resolved

July 2019

Our July releases are related to the following:

June 2019

Our June releases are related to the following:

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